Whistle Blowing System

Whistle Blowing System (WBS)

In order to realize the implementation of good corporate governance, Hexindo has a commitment to run the company professionally based on the behavior of the company in accordance with the company’s code of conduct, especially the cultural value Integrity.

In order to maintain and improve the company’s reputation and image, Hexindo encourages the participation of all parties, both the internal Hexindo and the external authorities to utilize the reporting path of alleged violations in Hexindo through Whistle blowing System (WBS)

To facilitate and expedite the follow-up process, the reporting is with information at least:

  1. The identity of the reporter (anonymous allowed)
  2. A description of the violations
  3. Reported and other parties involved (if any) and their units
  4. Unit of occurrence and timing of events
  5. Supporting documents and other evidence (if any)

Hexindo will protect the confidentiality of a good-faith reporter’s identity, reports, or any other data related to the report entered through WBS

Director Decree about Guidelines for reporting of Whistle bkowing system

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