CSR 32EAK The Limit in Banjarmasin

PT Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk is committed to contributing to the surrounding communities for a better future. One of Hexindo’s commitment is education aspect by regularly carrying out social activities in various area of Indonesia. This year, through CSR 32EAK The Limit, the company conducted book donation activities with a total of 3200 non-fiction books for 13 schools in Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Sorowako and Tarakan. Not only that, Hexindo also organized a webinar with the theme “Stress Management Skills” in collaboration with company doctors for teachers in 3 schools in Banjarmasin, Sorowako and Tarakan.

In Banjarmasin, the webinar was held at SDN 1 Landasan Ulin Utara and book donations were also given to SDN 2 Landasan Ulin Utara, SDN 1 Syamsudin Noor and SDN 1 Landasan Barat. Banjarmasin branch head Mr. Robet Manalu represented the company in handing over books to each school principals.

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