ConSite is a consolidated solution service

ConSite-e1443442690240ConSite is a consolidated solution service for linking to the customer and construction site.

ConSite have two advance reporting system to visualize the operation status of your machine. Using mobile and satellite telematics, you can automatically receive a monthly report and alarm notification report transmitted via email in a timely manner into your various devices e.g desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Alarm Report 2

Alarm Report

ConSite can identify the alarms that requires urgent attention. To prevent catastrophic failures and downtime, an emergency alarm report swiftly sent to you and your dealer to immediately verify the situation and take necessary action.

Alarm Report

Monthly Report

The monthly report provides you operation analytics that helps to increase your machines efficiency and productivity. Each machine’s operational information can be shared within your dealer to provide the maximum support value you deserves.

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To learn more about Hitachi ConSite Advanced services, please contact your local dealer.

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