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ConSite-e1443442690240ConSite is a consolidated solution service for linking to the customer and construction site.

Customer - Indonesia

Afbeelding5Industry: Forestry
PT. Kutai Chip Mill


We were waiting for this kind of activities. The system for the central controlling is very important because our company is expanding year after year.

Machine location and hour meter are important for us to control the maintenance.

We use the operation data of swing, traveling, and etc. to know the current situation. We report to the operation management of who is the operator handling the machine very well.

Every time when we receive the Emergency Alarms, we do follow up to our site managers. To ensure the Alarm-Report known to key persons in the field, we usually use the apps called “WhatsApp*” for the communication. We made groups in “WhatsApp” that includes operation managers, maintenance managers and Hexindo** to share the information such as alarm and maintenance. Depends on the urgency, we also call Hexindo to have the solutions quickly.

Every month, we make surveys of all our vendors and do benchmarking for spare parts support, technical, warranty, service, and parts availability. So far, Hexindo is the best.

*Famous Social Networking Service application
**Exclusive Hitachi dealer in Indonesia

Mr. Akmaludin, Asset Control Manager



Customer - Indonesia

ConSite Reports are almost complete. The Reports tell us the reasons of the problem…

อุตสาหกรรม: Coal Mining Contractor
PT. Primacon Click for details

Customer - Indonesia

We are waiting for this kind of activities. The system for the central controlling is very important…

อุตสาหกรรม: Forestry
PT. Kutai Chip Mill Click for details

Dealer - Japan

“Service Sales” role is to visit important customers to arrange best fit service plan…

อุตสาหกรรม: Please enter the industry type
HCMJ Dealer Click for details
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